2016 in the spotlight

2016 in the spotlight

Dear Shareholders,

2016 saw the sale of the Infrastructures & Managed Services (IMS) business, a decisive step in our ongoing repositioning to focus and strengthen our internationalization.


In the new business perimeter, international business grew to about 60% of the total, two thirds of which is in Europe. We have built solutions in more than 35 countries, making our customers’ lives simpler and happier. We believe this is the upshot of the investments we have made in differentiating our products and services and focusing on people-centric methodologies, like design thinking and gamification.

EBITDA was down 51%, penalized by an extraordinary project cost of €7 million. Net profits were up 29%, benefiting from the disposal of IMS. The year also saw positive cash flow, up €14 million, which will allow us to propose a dividend payment of €0.15 per share (a 25% increase year on year (YoY)) at the next General Meeting of Shareholders.

We continued to invest in our talent, expanding it through the Novabase Academy and enhancing it with training in various skills. We launched innovative pilot initiatives like NOVA, a program for managing motivation and performance specifically designed for millennials, who now account for more than two thirds of our employees. I would also like to point out our leadership qualification initiatives, namely the Leadership Gym program, whose purpose is to develop awareness levels among our supervisors.

We see the 18% rise in our stock price in 2016 as an acknowledgment, by the market, of our hard work and the results we have achieved, only possible thanks to the dedication of a team of more than 2,000 people, who I thank. Just as I wish to thank our customers and partners, who have taken this journey with us. And you, dear shareholder, for your confidence in us.

For all of these reasons, we are becoming an increasingly more people-centric IT company. I give you one promise: that we will continue. We will continue feeling our desire to change the world. We will continue seeing the past as something to be proud of, but with our sights set on what truly moves us: the future. Always. Always!

Luís Paulo Salvado

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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